[Tagging] how to care about different seasonal road close?

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Wed Mar 22 23:26:24 UTC 2017

On 23-Mar-17 08:52 AM, Kevin Kenny wrote:
> On Wed, Mar 22, 2017 at 5:35 PM, Micah Cochran <mcochran at athensal.us 
> <mailto:mcochran at athensal.us>> wrote:
>     You might use the "seasonal" key, which seems like it might
>     already be used to indicate if a highway is open or closed
>     seasonally.  I can't find a proposal for that use.
>     This could be seasonal=spring;summer;autumn
>     There are 54,768 instances of seasonal=yes, which seems fairly
>     useless unless you are referring to natural phenomenon (streams).
> Uhm, it's less than general, but sometimes obvious in context. In my 
> part of the world, a seasonal road is one where they don't trouble to 
> plow the snow. Sometimes up in the peaks, that means the road will be 
> impassable from mid-October to mid-May in a severe year. However, most 
> of the seasonal roads are posted "open April 15-October 31" but in 
> practice they will open as soon as they can get crews in to clean up 
> the inevitable spring rock slides and stay open until there's too much 
> snow for a police car.
> I have no idea how to encode all that in tagging. It depends on the 
> weather and the judgment of the highway department.

Frequently things are tagged open 9 to 5 .. but  some open a little 
earlier and close a little later depending on staff and customers.
So I would use the 'open April 15-October 31' as the tag to use as this 
would give a certain route,
a non local may not be a good judge of snow conditions for closing date 
nor the opening activity.
You could add a note to the actual conditions .. but I don't think it 
will render in any usefull way, better to stick to the 'open April 
15-October 31'.
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