[Tagging] Time is now: tag ALL traffic signs in OSM

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Sat May 20 09:26:27 UTC 2017

As you know Mapillary has released a layer with the results of their
recognition system of traffic signs to JOSM and iD (I wish OSC will do the
same soon) . This means now we have a reliable and open (CC) source to map
traffic signs in a easy and complete way inside OSM (instead of the
work-in-place,of course ). The thing is: Mapillary is ready...but is
OpenStreetMap ready? I think it would be.

How? With an advanced and extended traffic signs tagging scheme like
or similar that enables the community to tag nor only the 9 main kinds
(stop, give_way, traffic_signal, maxspeed, minspeed, maxaxleload, maxweight
maxlenght maxheight, city_limit) but the others less famous (e.g. in Spain
we have more than 300 different traffic signs, with nowadays scheme you can
cover...only 10% without using country code).

The idea is simple: following the scheme like key=traffic_sign >
"subkey"=value (maxspeed would be a good example) we can afford almost the
totality of the traffic signs. We can use the classification you have in
every countries' traffic law.
To clarify also the meaning and the drawing of the traffic sign we can use
also the countries traffic sign unique code for every traffic sign.



to have

The system has to be scalable to be able to expand it for every country in
the world, for every traffic sign (now in taginfo you can find more than
10000+ in 40 countries), so I think it will be possible. It would
interesting talk also with Mapillary's people (I have contact with traffic
sign recognition system team)  or OSC People.
What do you think?

Salut i senyals de trĂ nsit (Health and traffic signs)
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