[Tagging] Variable Message Signs on Highways

Brian Prangle brian at mappa-mercia.org
Tue Nov 7 16:20:48 UTC 2017

Hi I'm new here so forgive me if this has been discussed before.

I have access to a suitably licensed dataset from Birmingham City Council
showing details of Variable Message Signs
(overhead or roadside electronic displays of matrix text or pictograms for
motorists), but I cannot find anywhere on the wiki a comprehensive tagging
schema for them

(Unfortunately the location data is way out when examined with satellite
imagery so it  looks like a manual job rather than an import. There are
about 1200 items in the dataset)

My initial ideas are along the following lines:


traffic_sign:forward =variable_message where way is not oneway

traffic_sign:backward =variable_message where way is not oneway

variable_message_model =  operator's description from the dataset e.g 4x13

variable_message_type = matrix

variable_message_type = graphic

variable_message_type  = graphic;matrix

variable_message_information = parking

variable_message_information = traffic

traffic_sign:location = overhead   (where the sign is mounted on agntry
spanning the highway)

traffic_sign:location= roadside     ( where the sign is mounted on a pole)

Should the node be on the way?

Has anyone mapped these consistently anywhere else? Do I have to create a
proposal page on the wiki and go through a formal vote?


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