[Tagging] Variable Message Signs on Highways

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I think it is an interesting question. I explain my opinion about that.
Instead of being about one kind of information, as their name its called
variable it is not possible to determine in all cases what exact
information you will have from them. But you can map about the types
because of the kind of panel you are mapping. In the PDF file  above you
can see a lot of variable signs with one kind of information only.

Here in Spain variable information big panels are ES:S800 / S810 as you can
see in https://www.boe.es/legislacion/codigos/abrir_pdf.
php?fich=020_Codigo_de_Trafico_y_Seguridad_Vial.pdf (Spanish traffic law).
As the Spanish government (Ministerio de Fomento) give us an inventory with
all the traffic signs in their roads Spanish government handle this as a
"normal trafic sign" with the only observation it is electrical or variable.

For panels with variable speed I would use


As you cannot define the exact information you will get through the panel I
think you can use the https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Proposed_features/
Extended_traffic_signs_tagging to describe the panel itself and considers
it a traffic sign.

For big panels with unspecific target of the information:

Other info you want

I hope it will be useful this approach.

Salut i senyals de transit variable (Health and variable traffic signs)
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