[Tagging] Feature proposal - More RFC - Education Reform

Erkin Alp Güney erkinalp9035 at gmail.com
Mon Nov 20 11:21:38 UTC 2017

20-11-2017 14:03 tarihinde Martin Koppenhoefer yazdı:
> 2017-11-20 11:04 GMT+01:00 Erkin Alp Güney <erkinalp9035 at gmail.com
> <mailto:erkinalp9035 at gmail.com>>:
>     > What about dance / music (singing / instruments, ...) / schools?
>     > Academies? Conservatories? Professional schools?
>     education=specialty
> I'm not convinced. Why is there an education=driving or
> administrative, but an academy of fine arts (similar to a university)
> or conservatory (might be similar to a university) go into the same
> category as a dance school (could be several levels, from the hobbyist
> leisure dance school to professional preparation) or the music school
> kids go 1 time a week? This seems complete arbitrary.
> IMHO a good proposal should not need a "catch-all" tag for the rest
> (i.e. what wasn't thought of earlier) which basically shifts
> meaningful tagging into a subtag. If we already undertake the step to
> create a new top level key just for education, all cases should fit
> into the same scheme (i.e. if there is education=driving, there should
> also be education=dancing or education=gliding, but this would mean
> "education" is about the topic, and not about the level which would be
> implied by terms like "university" or "graduate" or "vocational").
Advanced driving education programs in universities should be tagged
like other faculties. I understand that this proposal is weak in further
education aspect. I am going to add more values about further education.
> It should be clear, what the meaning of the "education" tags is (kind
> of classification/criterion). Level of education? Field of studies?
> Then there should be subtags with distinct meaning that cater each for
> a property (which must be isolated/defined).
> I would also expect suggestions for several more details that aren't
> covered yet, e.g. male, female / both-(etc.), mixed age classes or not
> or maybe even both (e.g. relevant for kindergarten), etc.
Going to add these.
> What about the kind of specialization for general-education (e.g.
> classical education (latin and greek), scientific, artistic, etc.)?
> There's not much about a rationale, e.g. what do you consider "all
> educational facilities/institutions" and based on which criterion?
> E.g. what about a shooting club, aren't people going there to learn
> how to safely handle a gun, and how to use it / improve their ability?
> Similar things can be said about a lot of clubs / associations. When
> does it fall under "education"? This ambiguity together with instances
> like "university" (not just education) are the reason it could be
> generally worth to question a restructuring under a new "education"
> key according to this criterion.
>     > Subtags how to tag the specialization (if any), about the degress you
>     > can get, institutes and faculties, etc.).
>     These tags already exist. Institutes and faculties are now covered in
>     "how to tag universities and mixed campuses" section of the proposal.
> it may be my cultural background, but I would not use the term
> "school" for parts of a university.
> The new relation type=institution remains mysterious, there are 7
> instances of it in the db, but no documentation whatsoever. Is this a
> kind of "collection"? Can't we use a standard relation like
> "multipolygon" or "site" (ok, there's the common problem with
> universities that they have many different locations, often even
> single faculties have different locations, and it would be desirable
> to have a method to connect e.g. 2 site relations to one entity, I
> think sometimes we are doing this with operator and name tags, but it
> is not very reliable or consistent, something should indeed be
> introduced). Is "institution" only used for educational features? It
> would probably merit a whole new proposal.
> If college is "obsolete", does this mean colleges should be tagged as
> universities?
Yes, it is a collection. OpenStreetMap tagging should allow quick
searches on particular kinds of places. University colleges will now be
members of university relations and their buildings will be tagged
education=school+school_level=tertiary. Maybe even nested relations for
colleges if it has more than one campus.
> What about police schools, or military schools? Are those handled with
> a "military" (e.g.) property on a university or vocational school
> element, or are they new main values?
> Cheers,
> Martin
They are usually in restricted access areas (student and staff only).
One cannot create a detailed map of these without the help of
government. military=school or education=university for building of
those you can map.

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