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Mon Nov 20 12:52:22 UTC 2017

2017-11-20 12:21 GMT+01:00 Erkin Alp G├╝ney <erkinalp9035 at gmail.com>:

> Yes, it is a collection. OpenStreetMap tagging should allow quick
> searches on particular kinds of places. University colleges will now be
> members of university relations and their buildings will be tagged
> education=school+school_level=tertiary. Maybe even nested relations for
> colleges if it has more than one campus.

 let me give an example: there is the faculty of architecture of UniRoma3
in Rome. They now have the administration in this building (plus some
offices/labs for phd students (=research) and some convention rooms that
are also used for public events):

And teach in these buildings:

(But there are some administrative offices also in the second location).

How would we tag these / structure the relations?

> > What about police schools, or military schools? Are those handled with
> > a "military" (e.g.) property on a university or vocational school
> > element, or are they new main values?
> >
> >
> They are usually in restricted access areas (student and staff only).
> One cannot create a detailed map of these without the help of
> government. military=school or education=university for building of
> those you can map.

It's one thing to map the details like where the toilets are or the
shooting range, or the surveillance cams and security areas, and another to
just put a node or tag an areas as "police school", or "military academy".
The latter should be perfectly possibile without breaking the law. At least
they do advertise themselves typically in the internet, their existence in
many countries is not a secret, e.g.:

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