[Tagging] Permanent IDs RFC (was part_of:wikidata)

Yuri Astrakhan yuriastrakhan at gmail.com
Thu Nov 30 06:42:33 UTC 2017

Marc, good points, thanks. Naturally it will never be decided by software.
The tools should aid in continuity preservation, not dictate it. We as a
community should definitely how each one of these and other cases should be
handled -- to define what "permanence" means.


> * What if the shop moves to a new address ? What if someone already
> recorded the shop at the new location, how do we merge the IDs?
If we decide that a moved shop should have the same id, than this is a case
for merge+making one redirect to the other.

> * A restaurant POI and the building it resides in are 2 different
> concepts, they both need their own permanent ID. How can we
> distinguish them ?

If the entire building is a restaurant (e.g. a standalone McDonald's), than
it should probably be the same id. But if restaurant is occupying the first
floor of a residential bldg, probably two.

How does the software knows this when someone "joins" the POI and the
> building ?
Software wouldn't know, but an editor should always keep this in mind, and
there tools should offer some "join" mechanism.


> * What do you do when a modern part is attached to a listed building ?
> Will the building parts have permanent IDs ?
If the building or a road is extended, it should keep the old id. If the
new part is notable on its own, the part may get a new id as well, while
also being part of the old id.

> This is something you cannot solve with software alone. A human has to
> try to decide what you have to do with the permanent IDs in some
> (many?) cases.
I would say the human has to decide it in every case :). The software
should help with the process. That's why I listed community education as a
big part of introducing this.

Btw, permanent IDs would help with historical maps too.
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