[Tagging] part_of:wikidata key

Christoph Hormann osm at imagico.de
Thu Nov 30 10:05:17 UTC 2017

On Thursday 30 November 2017, Marc Gemis wrote:
> Do I understand it correctly that one of the reasons you do not want
> to use Wikidata IDs because the data on the item is not verified
> according to the same rules as OSM ?

Not because the data is not already verified but because it is not 
generally verifiable according to the rules of verifiability we have in 
OSM.  But otherwise i think you got my point here.

> For me Wikidata IDs can be viewed as URLs, just like the URL of a
> shop. If I can verify that it describes the same item (more or less
> (*)), I can add the Wikidata ID (or shop URL).

If that its the case for you you should be aware that url=* tags are 
generally considered a related URL to the feature in question, not a 
unique ID.  url=http://www.apple.com/ would be considered a valid url 
tag for all apple stores probably.  Previous discussion showed that 
some (though not all) mappers think wikidata tags have to be unique 
(i.e. each value only used once).

Website URLs will often be locally verifiable - either because of 
written information (shop sign, restaurant menu etc.) or - like with 
the name - by asking informed locals.

Christoph Hormann

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