[Tagging] airstrip vs runway

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Mon Oct 9 00:24:40 UTC 2017


Looks like the tag 'airstrip' has been introduced by a LINZ import.

The osmwiki says "The *aeroway 
<https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Key:aeroway>=*airstrip** key is 
used to identify a place such as a farm field, hill slope or similar 
reasonably flat area where light aircraft can land and take off from. 
Airstrips are often limited to a particular type of aircraft. Airstrips 
are frequently used by agricultural aircraft used to spread fertilizer 
or spray crops at particular times of the year. Airstrips often have no 
permanent supporting infrastructure and may be grazed by stock when not 
in active use. The field may need to be overflown before landing to 
ensure it is safe to use"

Umm "where light aircraft can land" that could be any flat place.

"often limited to a particular type of aircraft" how? weight limit? 
width? These can be tagged individually.

Some runways have to be overflown to ensure safety too.

I see no reason why these cannot be retagged as 'runway'.

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