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What I try to say is that the original proposal tagged rivers according to
their relative importance in a country.

What's the criterium to know if a river is  "major"  inside a country? Is
it its occurrence in the school curriculum?

Iregua, which is a very small river (5 m width on its end) was in the
"Spanish river list" I had to learn in the school. I learned about Garonne
in highschool, when we reached the "European rivers" standard. But I only
knew it crossed Spain when, at the age of 30, I visited a remote village
and found a river named "Garona" that flew to France. (Here in Spain,
education is very chauvinistic: I passed all my degree in literature
without hearing a word about Shakespeare, Molière or Goethe. Latin-american
authors, despite of writing our same language, are being removed from the

El 16/10/2017 16:06, "Christoph Hormann" <osm at imagico.de> escribió:

> On Monday 16 October 2017, José G Moya Y. wrote:
> > Ilya,
> > As some people said, river "size" is ambiguous. If you're talking
> > about relative size of a river in term of rivers of the same country,
> > Ebro and Tajo are "major" rivers in Spain. If you're talking about
> > absolute size (compared with rivers in the world), Ebro and Tajo are
> > small rivers. On the same hand, Garonne starts as a "minor" river in
> > Spain and ends as a "major" river of France and Europe.
> For better understanding: What the proposal tries to specify is an
> importance rating for rivers based on their name, i.e. the Garonne
> would by definition have the same rating everywhere it is named
> Garonne.  If the upper part of a river is named differently than the
> lower part it would be a different river - hence potentially a
> different importance rating (like Nile - Blue Nile/White Nile or
> Rhein - Vorderrhein/Hinterrhein).
> This has very little to do with the size of a river as a local property
> (like the width or the discharge) which a mapper would normally use as
> a basis for tagging the size of a river.
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