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In addition to training=cycling we should probably also support training:cycling=yes as a single place might offer training in more than one field.


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I would prefer a long descriptive term (like: "cycling_training_area") over a nice artificial word like "bicycle_town" which creates more questions than it answers.


I agree completely about needing a descriptive term.  From the wikipedia page mentioned earlier in the thread it's clear
that different countries have different names for it and none of those names are self-explanatory.  Terms that are

self-explanatory mean that people using an editor can look through a list of possible values and it's obvious which

one to use without having to resort to the OSM wiki.

I'd prefer something more structured than duck tagging a crowded amenity tag, simply because we're likely to
encounter more types of training as time goes by.  amenity=training + training=cycling works for me.  Well,

for something private like a room with expensive flight simulators used by airlines then I'd say it's more of

a facility than an amenity (you can't just walk in, hand over some money and have a play) but access=private

lets us use amenity anyway (even for NASA's astronaut training facilities).



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