[Tagging] musical_instrument tag for publicly available musical instruments

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Sun Apr 29 09:03:16 UTC 2018

On 29/04/2018 06:12, e1k wrote:
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> a growing number of bars, train stations and or other public places have musical instruments around where i live (Amsterdam area), and i've started noticing and collecting these places, and would love to tag them in openstreetmap.
> use case: as a musician that travels around a bit, i'd love to know where i can find a piano or guitar to play on.
> i see the musical_instrument tag is mostly (only?) used for place that create and/or sell musical instruments, but i'm wondering what the appropriate form of tag would be for a publicly available musical instrument.

There are quite a few "public pianos" tagged already:

122 of those

56 of those, but those are mostly shops, not playable pianos:

There's at least one data consumer of public pianos (someone sent me a 
message about one I'd mapped once as an "amenity=piano").

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