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Sun Apr 29 10:36:54 UTC 2018

On Sun, Apr 29, 2018 at 10:01 AM, Tomasz Wójcik <tomox3 at wp.pl> wrote:

> There are wooden public deckchairs like these:

They look very uncomfortable.  Perhaps they're not as bad as they look.

> I think they are something different than bench and need separate tag,
> like "amenity=deckchair". What do you think?

I think the term "deckchair" is misleading.  The profile may be similar but
they're different things.  A real deckchair has
a conformal fabric contact area and (the most important distinction) is
movable.  These things are fixed.

Real deckchairs are only present during (approximately) daylight hours and
are stored when there is no
supervision (to prevent them being stolen).  A real deckchair would need an
opening_hours tag.

I agree that these things aren't benches, but they're not deckchairs
either.  Using amenity=wooden_deckchair
is no better as some deckchairs have a wooden frame and other deckchairs
have a tubular metal frame so
people would misunderstand what is meant.

I think an argument can be made for mapping real deckchairs (it's useful to
know if a beach you intend
to visit has them).  I think an argument can be made for mapping these
things.  I think an argument can
be made for not calling them benches.  I just think they shouldn't be
called deckchairs.

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