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A “one person bench” doesn’t seem as rare as people seem to think…








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That definition seems overly strict. There is a tag to define how many places a bench has. And I don't think "1" is an invalid value for that...


the wiki suggests "1" would indeed be an invalid value for a bench capacity, as would be "0" for instance. I don't think it is unreasonable to ask for a "bench" to be able to accomodate more than one person, otherwise the thing would be called "chair" or maybe "throne". Chairs could have subclasses like armchair, easy_chair, cantilever_chair, but a bench wouldn't fit into a chair category, and vice versa, a chair isn't fitting in the bench category.

FWIW, although chairs don't fit into it, I believe the bench definition is still overly inclusive, as it seems to include any place for more than one person to sit. I would have preferred to include the term "long seat" to make it clear it is about an intentionally set up place.



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