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On Wed, Aug 1, 2018 at 11:03 PM, Graeme Fitzpatrick <graemefitz1 at gmail.com>

> What's the green dot in the middle of the 13th fairway?

With some detective work, it turns out to be a tree.

What puzzles me about golf putting greens and allotment plots is this: why
did they choose to embed useful information
in a ref (which doesn't get rendered in OSM carto) instead of a name (which
is rendered)?  Andy's style displays
refs; look at the same course in OSM and you have no way of telling which
green is which.

This is even more puzzling when I see that the guy who proposed the
allotment plot tag explicitly mentioned ref but,
in the proposal page his example leads to the only plot in the allotment
which has a name (and none of the plots have
refs).  Yes, data protection means allotment plots usually should not have
a person's name but this was something like
the Fred Bloggs Memorial Allotment.  But why hide allotment numbers in
references rather than displaying them as a
name where people can actually see the plot they're looking for.  "I've
assigned you plot 12, here's a map of the
allotment that doesn't display the plot numbers, so you'll have to guess
where yours is."

What piece of OSM history that I know nothing of led people to decide that
it was sensible to encode useful
information that people would wish to see on a map in a way that doesn't
get displayed?

BTW, I don't even know which end of a golf bat to hold, but there are two
courses a few miles from me that I've
tentatively started mapping.  Probably incorrectly, but I'm still figuring
out what I'm doing.  One amusing factor is
that one of the holes is on top of a scheduled monument of national
importance that "retains considerable
archaeological potential" (iron-age golf balls, presumably).  Since it was
a promontory fort, the water hazards are

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