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> For the Old Course at Saint Andrews (ancient and well-known golf course),
> holes do have names.
> See the Wikipedia page or the website.
> https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Old_Course_at_St_Andrews#Scorecard
> I think tags on OSM should be (it is not the case currently):
> ref=1
> name=Burn
> ref=2
> name=Dyke

Some courses give their holes names as well as numbers.  So ref=2 +
name=Dyke makes perfect sense.  Some
courses just use the hole number as its name.  So ref=2 + name=2 makes
sense to me, because it is useful to
identify things with labels.  I'd even go so far as to say in that
situation you could make do with name=2 alone.

We do have the situation where houses can have names or numbers or both.
There's not enough room (usually) to
render both but there is often room to render at least one of them.  Half
the houses where I live have only names.  Some
have only numbers,  Some have both.  And one has the name "Number 39."
Really.  It is number 39, but it also says on
the front "Number 39" in the same style, font and material as an adjacent
sign says "The Annexe."

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