[Tagging] Lane geometry in OSM

Lionel Giard lionel.giard at gmail.com
Fri Aug 3 20:39:09 UTC 2018

 > Also, I often see a center lane for left turns in both directions, as in
> https://ecn.t0.tiles.virtualearth.net/tiles/a0213330110033323031.jpeg?g=
> That's next on my list.  It's currently tagged as a two lane road just a
> bit west of the intersection I referred to earlier.  Note the solid yellow
> lines which usually means "do not cross" to me, so I think I'll have to
> look up the law before I attempt to tag it.

You can tag it with :

and split the way where the two arrows are located, and inverse the tagging
on the other segment (put the lanes:forward=2; lanes:backward=1;
As i suppose you should not drive further than the arrow in either
direction. So you have "two turn lanes" facing each other (that's more or
less what it looks).
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