[Tagging] What is a VTC car in OSM ?

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>> VTC is how rental cars with professional driver are called in Spain. 
>> I think the rest of the thread clarifies this: It is the Spanish name 
>> for Uber, Cabify and other companies that provide private transport 
>> services but are not taxis (their cars are not equipped with taxi meter).
> rental with a driver is a regulated category different to taxis in 
> some jurisdictions, e.g. in Germany and Italy (and probably many more, 
> e.g. France [1]). AFAIK neither in Italy nor in Germany Uber 
> qualifies. In Italy they are called NCC and you need a license, are 
> not allowed to pick up customers nor to park your vehicle on public 
> space. The Italian WP says they are a kind of public transport without 
> routes, the German WP says they aren’t (in Germany). Uber (and others) 
> don’t qualify because they don’t meet the requirements (their drivers 
> don’t generally have a P-license in Germany, needed for the transport 
> of people, they don’t typically have the NCC license in Italy, and 
> they don’t adhere to other rules and regulations for this kind of 
> transport). They are operating in a grey area, pretending the service 
> is assimilable to picking up hitchhikers (commercialization of the 
> sharing economy).
> If there are specific parking or resting areas for vehicles that 
> provide a kind of service like these, we should craft the definitions 
> carefully and see what we need to require in order to be able to 
> identify and distinguish the different classes that we want.

Rather than "what we want" it should be "what exists".

What is being mapped?
Places where these vehicles are parked? For what reason are they parked? 
Is it restricted to only these kind of vehicles?
Or an office where these vehicles are managed?

In at least some parts of the UK the driver needs a "private hire 
licence" for Uber.

  Humm they have taxis ... but also hire cars umm what do they call 
them? Arrr minicabs.
The UK regards both Uber and minicabs as "private hire". How does the UK 
map minicabs?

It is a can of worms.

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