[Tagging] What is a VTC car in OSM ?

Philip Barnes phil at trigpoint.me.uk
Wed Aug 22 08:21:21 UTC 2018

The legal term in British English is Private Hire. Not sure why London has invented its own term but London is like that. 

I am not aware of any specific tagging as in highway terms they are legally the same as any other private motor vehicle. Fares must be pre-booked and they have no special privileges such as being able to use bus lanes. They are not psv (public service vehicles). 

Taxis, Hackney Carriages to use the legal term, are psv. They can pick up anywhere, use taxi ranks and use bus lanes.

Phil (trigpoint) 

On 22 August 2018 05:24:45 BST, "Ture Pålsson" <ture at turepalsson.se> wrote:
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>The concept of a VTC in e.g. Spain and France seems similar to what
>londoners call a ”minicab". Are there any existing tagging practices
>for those?
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