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Fri Aug 24 07:57:57 UTC 2018


> “pompe bianche” is a meta category you will not find on the ground in
this part either, rather there will be signs with brands you never heard
> I would leave brands that are already there, and would not tag
nobrand=yes because there is some kind of brand.I'm quoting to brand wiki
page [1] "brand=* allows data users to identify where a well-known brand of
goods are sold."

IMHO all records tagged brand="Pompe Bianche" don't have well-known name
nor well-known operator. Maybe I misunderstand fuzzy terms like
"well-known", but I don't think "MG Gas S.R.L." is part of this category
About assigning description="Pompe Bianche", we'll face conflicts with
pre-existant description tags. So I would only assign nobrand=yes.

> In my part of Italy most, if not all have brand signs, but not "big"
brands. Please be careful, when importing not to overwrite those "small"
brand signs. How reliable are the import data anyway?

To generate osm candidate for import, conflation procedure has been
followed, so no tags modifications/deletions were performed in this phase.
Note that conflation output has been submitted to audit [3], hence there is
the possibility that registered users modified involved tags.
About reliability, data is spatially accurate: please refer to wiki
paragraph Import data [4]

[2] https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Import/Catalogue/ItalyFuelStations
[3] http://audit.osmz.ru/project/IFS
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