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On Fri, Aug 24, 2018 at 8:48 PM, seirra <general at sarifria.x10.bz> wrote:

> as an example, say a cash machine dispenses £10 and £20 notes... you can't
> guarantee you'll get 20s can you?

You can't guarantee you'll get 10s, either.  It could run out of 20s
first.  It could run out of 10s first.  It could be out of

> but what you do know, is you can get any multiple of 10.
Wrong.  You know you can get a multiple of 20.  If you ask for 40 you might
get a 20 and two 10s, two 20s or four
10s.  Or it may be empty.  So you're guaranteed to get a multiple of 20
(the multiplier might be zero).  You can't be
sure you can get a multiple of 10.

What you can be absolutely certain of, if the machine is capable of
dispensing only 10s and 20s, is that you won't
ever get a multiple of 5.  And that can be important in some
circumstances.  When you need cash and have less
in your bank account than the minimum denomination the machine will
dispense, that is a problem.  The other
way around, if I have enough in my bank account I don't care much if I get
four 5s or two 10s or one 20 (well, the
20s might be a problem in some shops).

OTOH, I still feel it's probably too ephemeral to map.  Useful as it might
be theoretically, I don't think it would be kept
currentenough to be useful in practise.

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