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Philip Barnes phil at trigpoint.me.uk
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On Fri, 2018-08-24 at 19:41 +0100, Paul Allen wrote:
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> >     i would imagine it would be better having some data over none
> >       though?
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> Incomplete data is better than no data.  Incorrect data is worse than
> no data.  The problem with this is that
> incomplete (or even complete) data can become incorrect over time.
> OTOH, we already map other things that are relatively ephemeral. 
> Opening hours can change.  
> Hygiene certificate ratings can go up or down. 
That is why we don't map the actual rating, only the id.

> ATM denominations would be great if there is an effort to keep it up
> to date.  Maybe suggest that mappers only tag
> it (with whatever tag we decide upon, if we decide to do it, and if
> ever we can decide on a tagging scheme) if they
> use that particular ATM at least monthly.  Everyone will ignore the
> suggestion, of course, and use the tag on ATMs
> they've used only once and will never use again.
> Maybe I'm just worrying because I can remember the days when ATMs
> dispensed £1/£5, then went to £5/£10 and
> are now (mostly) £10/£20.  Inflation is still present and bank
> branches keep closing, so there's more demand for
> ATMs.  Which means they'll empty faster, which means we may see
> £20/£50 soon.
Hopefully not £50 notes for some time yet, they are just about
impossible to spend as few places will accept them. £20 can still be
awkward to spend.

Surprises me that in the eurozone I often get €50 notes and nowhere
bats an eyelid.

> In the end, though, if enough people want do to it they'll do it, so
> all we can do here is try to come up with a
> sensible way of tagging it then document it.
> We already have currency:XXX=yes/no (a proposal but the iD editor has
> supported it for a while).  So maybe something like
> currency:denomination:GBP=10;20.  Then if there's a locality with two
> common currencies where an ATM might dispense
> one, or the other, or both, we can use
> currency:denomination:GBP=10;20 + currency:denomination:EUR=5;10 (a
> situation we're unlikely to see in the UK, but it's just an
> example).  There's probably a better way of doing it, and
> people will be along shortly to argue about it. :)
The local Barclays dishes out £5 notes, a bit of a pain as you get lots
of them and have to be careful to separate them. But that is closing

I have never had £5 notes from the Barclays in Shrewsbury.

Banks (and with them ATMs) are currently one of the most volatile
amenities which we need to keep on top of to prevent the map becoming
outdated. That is a big enough job for mappers without worrying about
what notes it dispenses. 

Phil (trigpoint)

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