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> > As others have said ... old does not mean historic.
> no, but not in use anymore means historic

No, "not in use any more" means "disused" or even "abandoned."  "Historic"
means that it has importance or significance
in history.

There are some disused buildings in my town.  One day some of them might be
renovated and brought back
into use.  They are not historic.  I can't find any details about their
former use or even their address.  They just sit
there sad and forlorn.

There is another disused building, with plans to convert it to a shop, that
is a listed building and is of historic
importance.  See
for why it
is listed and
http://www.glen-johnson.co.uk/no-39-st-mary-street-advertiser-office/ for
far more of its history.  That is a
historic building, the other disused/abandoned buildings scattered around
town are not.  Even after that building is
converted into a shop it will still remain historic by the definition in
https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Historic but will
cease to be historic by your definition (which is another reason your
definition is not a good one).

Historic as a tag is documented as not meaning "old" or "old fashioned" or
"disused" and, in my opinion, should not be
used to mean those things.

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