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> Temperature, I am afraid, is mine.
> https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Proposed_features/Temperature

It seemed reasonably well thought out and written.  Shame it failed.  It
seems it might
have been approved had you said the degree symbol was optional.  People
could use it
if they wished but people could omit it.  Parsers in renderers could cope
with people using
symbols of similar appearance by simply ignoring anything that isn't a
digit, a decimal point
and C or F, incidentally handling the degree symbol being optional.  In
fact your table of incorrect
usage shows the degree symbol on the corrected usages, so it appears even
you consider it

The only thing I have a problem with is referring subjective temperatures
to ambient.  For me, subjective
temperatures are referred to body temperature.  Is it warmer or colder than
me?  Especially when dealing
with water I am going to immerse body parts in.  It makes even less sense
to consider ambient temperature
when dealing with extreme ambient conditions.  An open-air swimming pool in
the middle of winter might be
warmer than ambient by several degrees in the late afternoon when the air
is cooling down but the thermal
inertia of the water keeps it warm, but it's still damned cold.  So I'd
refer subjective temps to body temp
and add "ambient" as an objective value.  Which makes tap water (in most
parts of the world) cold whether
it's colder or warmer than ambient, because it's colder than me (which is
why it feels cold).

Can proposals be resurrected?  Or a new proposal started which is very
similar but
with changes that might improve its chances of approval?  In any case, I'd
use the tag if I needed to
specify a temperature on something.

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