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Fri Aug 31 07:05:06 UTC 2018

On 31/08/18 14:47, Dolly Andriatsiferana wrote:
>     I think this would be hard to maintain, and highly redundant since
>     voltage won't change for a given city or even country.
>     Think about standards names to fill utilities:electricity.
>     Each standard comes with frequency, voltage, rating...
> Yes, I agree that in most cases voltage doesn't change much for a 
> given city. But something that will change frequently is the source 
> (here in Madagascar mostly from a distribution company, a generator, 
> or individual solar panels).
> And maybe another good idea is to omit those voltage and possibly 
> redundant details, and put sources directly as values on the main tag 
> (like how most of the few existing electricity=* tags seem to be 
> used). So we would have something like:
>   * utility:electricity=yes - there is electricity feeding the
>     building but the source is not defined
>   * utility:electricity=no - there is no electricity source at all
>   * utility:electricity=generator/company/solar/windmill... - there is
>     electricity and the source is known

In Australia there is a backbone grid. My electricity could come from a 
coal filed power station, a wind mill, a solar power plant, a battery, a 
hydro electric plant, a gas fired power plant ... and they are all 
connected together so I might get a mixture.

In short .. where the power comes from is not able to be mapped in most 
instances here.

> Thanks.
> 2018-08-31 1:47 GMT+03:00 Warin <61sundowner at gmail.com 
> <mailto:61sundowner at gmail.com>>:
>     On 31/08/18 05:20, François Lacombe wrote:
>>     Le jeu. 30 août 2018 à 19:12, Dolly Andriatsiferana
>>     <privatemajory at gmail.com <mailto:privatemajory at gmail.com>> a écrit :
>>         I like the idea of keeping a namespace gathering utilities
>>         such as electricity, gas, internet or other. But the idea is
>>         also to be able to use a namespace for the utility to provide
>>         more details (source, voltage, fee...) or conditions (if
>>         there's schedule in availability) - and with
>>         *utility:electricity* this would easily generate a complex
>>         tagging of namespace under namespace, unless you say it is no
>>         problem to have *utility:electricity:voltage=** for example.
>>     I think this would be hard to maintain, and highly redundant
>>     since voltage won't change for a given city or even country.
>     Most hoses in Australia have 240 v single phase supplied to them.
>     Then they have 'standard' (here) GPOs of 10 Amp capacity. Some
>     have one or more higher 15 Amp capacity outlets.
>     And then there are some houses that have 3 phase 415v supplied to
>     them - and they have 'standard' (here) GPOs of 10 Amp capacity,
>     possibly one or more 15 Amp capacity outlets and one or more 3
>     phase outlets.
>     So here you have in one neighbourhood 3 different instances of
>     electricity presence in houses.
>>     Agreed with Paul statement about earthing system which is
>>     specific to each building
>     Earthing systems are usually mandated and common to some
>     bureaucratic boundaries.
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