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> On 31/08/18 19:47, Martin Koppenhoefer wrote:

> As well as the grounding system there is the connection system - the UK
> uses a 'ring mains' system where the connection from the fuse box goes to
> each outlet in turn and returns back to the fuse box. If the supply wire
> were to break then all outlets would still have power.

This is far more detail than is necessary and hard to verify (without
breaking in to the property or pestering the owner).
A bigger problem is it isn't that simple.  Most properties in the UK have
one or more ring mains for power outlets, but
the ring can have spurs.  Radial systems are legal and becoming more
common.  The lighting circuit is another matter.
It's really not possible to map this level of detail, nor is it sensible.

What is possible (at least with a co-operative owner) or an external meter
box is to ascertain the maximum current
of the supply (typically 60A or 90A for residential properties) and number
of phases (typically single phase for
residential properties).  It is probably unnecessary detail in most cases
but there may be times when it is useful
to map it.

These kind of thing are of technical interest .. but I don't see then as
> having a place in OSM.

I don't see it as having widespread use.   In most cases there's absolutely
no need for it.  But perhaps,
in one or two cases, it's desirable.  If so then it's also desirable to
settle on how to do it rather than allow
ad-hockery to proliferate.

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