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> Right. But please don't resort to local-language words for terms that do
> have a satisfactory UK-English equivalent. Don't use craft=menuiscier in
> French when 'carpenter' is a serviceable English word. And please wikify
> your choices.

great you name carpenters, because there were actually some problems in the
past classifying people working with wood.
Can you explain the difference between a framer, a carpenter, a cabinet
maker, a joiner, a finish carpenter, a timberman, a ring builder, a jerry
man, a binder?

Some of them might be synonyms, some reflect regional differences (e.g. AE
vs. BE)?

Does the term "carpenter" imply someone will do structural wood work, like
roofs, walls, stairs, ships or is it more generic?
Which one is a specialist for fine, precise wood work like furniture?
You could probably ask someone specialized in structural work to do
finishings, just that the quality will typically not be what you get from
someone specialized in interiors or furniture.

There is some documentation in the wiki, but there is also overlap in
definitions, this is currently on the craft map features page:
* a carpenter is defined to make everything: "A workplace or office of
carpenters that work with timber to construct, install and maintain
buildings, furniture, and other objects.")
* cabinetmaker: A person who makes fine wooden furniture
* cooper: A person or company that manufacture of containers and vessels
mainly made of wood.
* joiner: An artisan who builds things by joining pieces of wood,
particularly furniture or ornamental work.


btw, just saw that roofer is defined as: "A workplace or office of a
tradesman who is specialized in roof construction.", IMHO this should be
more specific (if I am not misguided) by pointing out it isn't about the
structure but about the cover, right?

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