[Tagging] Tourism=attraction: feature or secondary tag?

Daniel Koć daniel at xn--ko-wla.pl
Fri Dec 7 12:15:53 UTC 2018

W dniu 07.12.2018 o 12:23, Christoph Hormann pisze:

> The changes i refer to with my comment are in particular the 
> inflationary addition of new POI symbols many of which have been chosen 
> without considering the applicability to represent the feature type in 
> question across different cultures and different geographic settings. 

> The other group of changes i had in mind is the abuse of way_area 
> filtering as an universal cartographic importance rating, in particular 
> for point label placement.  

That sounds to me like a general complaint against changes you don't
like, not the answer about particular problem you have pointed out.

I don't see any of that is a "changed rendering in ways that provide
mapping incentives agaist
the established meaning of the tags" - especially the first one
(location of nodes for areas is already not verifiable, and you have
still not even answered how do you imagine finding the middle of
unverified shape). First of all, you are not referring to meaning of
tags in any way, let alone to changing it.


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