[Tagging] Benefits of namespaces

Sergio Manzi smz at smz.it
Mon Dec 17 13:24:37 UTC 2018

Bonjour Fran├žois,

On 2018-12-17 11:50, Fran├žois Lacombe wrote:
> I own no switches.
Sorry, I didn't meant to be rude in any way: I just assumed you were the one who introduced the switch=* key for power lines (/and apparently I was wrong, you just "expanded" the information about those...)/

> Separated documentation between railway switches and power switches is done on two pages, *railway=switch* and *power=switch*,

Bingo. Now try substituting the "=" sign with the ":" sign.

If you do the same inside an objects description, an editor or data consumer could instantly "/route/" you to the relevant documentation when you are inspecting that particular object (/either a railway switch or a power switch/).

The same could happen tomorrow for a network:switch if/when we decide to map them too.

Yes, the context (/either we find the "switch" keyword inside the definition of a power line, a railway or a network/) can imply the lexical scope of the keyword, and most of the times that's self-evident for us humans, but it is a lot more difficult to /teach /to a program.

> Then actuator is an attribute of several kind of objects (pipeline=valve and eventually railway=switch), just like location.
> I don't get where I confuse something between actuator=* like tags and location=*

Here is where I think you make the mistake.

The actuator is _*not an attribute*_ of the things (pipeline=valve and eventually railway=switch), but a *part/element* of them.

Someone someday may be wishing to further describe actuators in their own details/attributes, like now you are doing for valves which are parts/elements of a pipeline.

Weight, dimensions, color, location, etc., are general attributes of whatever object.


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