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Fri Dec 21 11:07:19 UTC 2018

Tagging as glamping is very helpful because glamping is a recognized concept, so you can learn more about it at many places on the web, one of which can be Wikipedia: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Glamping.

But I wouldn’t tag luxury or glamour to reflect that a glamping is a luxury or glamour place because that is already part of the concept.

And if a particular glamping was to have more luxury or glamour than the average, tagging as luxury or glamour is tempting as it would reflect this one has *extra* offerings over the average.

But then of course, the question of anyone curious at this place will be to wonder what more luxury or glamour this one has over an average one.

And this would be because of infrastructure or services which is then to be tagged as it is verifiable and much more informative than a simple luxury=yes tag.

And you leave to the user to decide if it is luxury or not, because what is “luxury” for one can be just “normal” for someone else or can change over time (because what was luxury years ago is maybe not anymore today).
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