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Am Do., 20. Dez. 2018 um 23:20 Uhr schrieb Graeme Fitzpatrick <
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> But there are camp sites with luxury onsite tents = glamping; while other
> camp sites also have onsite tents that only offer basic accommodation =
> camping.
> Think it would come down to either
> tourism=camp_site
> luxury / glamping=yes
> or
> tourism=glamping

I agree, of those I'd prefer
with luxury / glamping=yes/only/(no)/...

I believe the description of tourism=camp_site does apply:
"An area where people can camp overnight using tents, camper vans or
although I am not completely sure about the verb "to camp" for people
sleeping in a hotel like luxury tent.

Maybe "luxury" is easier to understand for non natives, and it is more
inclusive than "glamping", there are various luxury facilities where people
sleep in tents, which don't refer to the term "glamping", and which provide
luxury sometimes without glamour, e.g. desert camps in the arabian world
(from a quick web search, not affiliated):

If you think the term is important, I'd rather add it additionally:
glamour / glamping=yes

Not sure about the verifiability, we could go by the claim /
selfdescription of the place.

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