[Tagging] request for review: OSM wiki rewording of tourism=motel based on Wikipedia

Graeme Fitzpatrick graemefitz1 at gmail.com
Sun Dec 23 23:06:07 UTC 2018

Thank you for bringing this up bkil, as it raises a problem that I have
noticed, but not discussed, myself.

At least in Australia, & possibly other places?, we have several
classifications of hotel &/or motel.

We have "International" hotels eg
which seems to be what the tourism=hotel page is based on
https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Tag:tourism%3Dhotel & could be summed
up as a very fancy (5 stars) & equally expensive!

There are also small stand-alone, non-chain, hotels, these days more
frequently found in country towns, rather than big cities:
They are primarily there to serve drinks, so they meet the criteria of
amenity=pub https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Tag:amenity%3Dpub, but by
law, they must also serve food & provide accommodation. They are
(frequently) very basic (<2 stars?) but also cheaper than motels, & are
intended to provide overnight accommodation for travellers, but there is
nothing to stop you staying there for a week. Should these be tagged as
=hotel, or =pub? I must admit to committing the heinous crime of using both
tags together - mark the building as =hotel, while also using a =pub node
so that it renders as showing both accommodation & drinks - both of which
are important to know! Country hotels (especially in remoter areas) also
frequently allow camping out the back, so that would then add a =camp_site

We then also have hotel-motels, which are a "pub" serving drinks & food,
but with a (usually) separate block of motel units
The rooms usually fall between a basic hotel & a dedicated motel for both
quality & price. Should they be mapped as a =pub + =hotel, or +=motel?

You then also have motels, which, as you say, are primarily intended for
motorised travellers, may have a (frequently licensed ie may serve alcohol)
restaurant attached, but won't include a bar. A lot of the points that
Volker raised also apply though, in that they can be similar to larger
hotels. One thing in particular though is the length of stay. There are
really 2 types of motel - you have the motels that are located on the
highway & are more intended for overnight stops only, but you also have
motels in tourist destinations that are more commonly used for a week or



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> Let's read the Wikipedia article together and then discuss the matter
> further.
> Note that there are also other resources.
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