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Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Mon Feb 5 23:03:09 UTC 2018


On 02/05/2018 08:04 PM, Thilo Haug OSM wrote:
> There are two guys which appear to me like religios bigot on an Inquisition,
> but maybe the definitions in the wiki are just unclear / too interpretable :

They often are.

Concerning your questions:

1. A "motorcycle_friendly" tag lacks the necessary verifiability, UNLESS
it explicitly refers to some clear-cut scheme (e.g. certain hotels are
member of the "motorcycle friendly" association and therefore they have
a "motorcycle friendly" banner hanging out front).

2. There are two issues with mapping "the proprietor is a motorcyclist"
in the database:

2a. It is personal information about the proprietor that could lead to
data protection issues. While this might be ok if the proprietor agrees,
we'd have to record his agreement somehow etc. so I'd rather not go there.

2b. This is not verifiable either. Who "is a motorcyclist" - if the
proprietor used to ride but now he's in a wheelchair or lost his
driver's license, are they still a motorcyclist? If the proprietor
bought himself a grand bike but doesn't have a license to ride it? And
so on.

Essentially what you are trying to do is use OSM to record information
that you would normally find in a review: "I was there, they were
motorcycle friendly, and the proprietor is a motorcyclist himself so he
knew all about it." - But OSM is not for recording reviews. You need to
split your use case - record the basics in OSM, and record the
recommendations elsewhere.

(This could also go the other way round - you found a place shit and you
want OSM to reflect the place was shit, and then the proprietor comes
and edits OSM in order to make his place look better...)


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