[Tagging] How to tag sports halls?

Hufkratzer hufkratzer at gmail.com
Tue Feb 6 18:23:53 UTC 2018

Recently the example about how to tag a "sports hall for a school"
was changed
     from building=yes + leisure=pitch + sports=multi
     to building=yes + leisure=sports_centre + sports=multi,
see wiki pages for leisure=pitch and for leisure=sports_centre..There 
was a small discussion about this on the discussion page for pitch, but 
with little participation. My related questions now:

1. What do you think about mapping indoor pitches?

The author of the recent wiki changes wrote that he (now) thinks, that 
indoor pitches schould not be mapped (anymore) because that would be 
indoor mapping. The wiki page for key:sport says "leisure=pitch - 
playing field, can also be in a building". Many other things that are 
indoors are also mapped and even rendered on the standard OSM map, e.g. 
amenity=food_court and other amenities. I do not really want to 
recommend to map indoor pitches, but why should it be disallowed?
Look at this example: Sporthalle Zauckerode
- http://www.openstreetmap.org/way/252356799
- http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:2016_Sporthalle_Zauckerode.jpg
What is wrong with this example?

2. What is your opinion about how sports halls should be tagged? Has 
this already been discussed somewhere? If so, did that lead to a consensus?

I understand that sports=* is a non-physical tag and has to be combined 
with a physical tag. leisure=pitch or leisure=sports_centre are such 
physical tags, but why shall building=* (without anything else) not be 
sufficient as a physical tag? JOSM accepts it. Can building=* be added 
as a possible physical tag on the wiki page for key:sport?

Why should the wiki recommend to tag every "sports hall for a school" 
with leisure=sports_centre? There are surely some bigger sports halls 
that are called "sports centres" in real life or at least could be 
called like that. But I think few people will call a normal  "sports 
hall for a school" a "sports centre", so why should the wiki recommend 
to tag them as such? I think the description of the tags in the wiki 
should in general (if possible) correspond to what their name suggests. 
What is it good for to add leisure=sports_centre to nearly every 
building that is used for some sport? It seems to me that some people 
think this is a good idea but I don't know why. Please consider that 
this leads to nested sports centres in the cases where these building 
are inside a larger areas that are also tagged with 
leisure=sports_centre. And it is explained on the wiki page for 
sports_centre that this should be avoided ("Note that you should not 
place the leisure=sports_centre on inner elements.")

Related proposal:

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