[Tagging] How to tag sports halls?

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On 07-Feb-18 10:15 AM, Martin Koppenhoefer wrote:
> 2018-02-07 0:08 GMT+01:00 Hufkratzer <hufkratzer at gmail.com 
> <mailto:hufkratzer at gmail.com>>:
>     Neither do I understand why building=yes is suggested in the wiki
>     instead of building=*, allowing more specifix building types. But
>     I think this is a minor problem
>     More complicated / important to me seem the other questions about
>     (1.) the mapping of indoor pitches and (2.) about the recent
>     changes that recommend leisure=sports_centre for normal sports
>     halls and also for other buildings (e.g. riding halls) that no one
>     would call sports centres. leisure=sports_hall is only used 22
>     times so far, therefore I don't think we can recommend to use that
>     instead of leisure=sports_centre. But can'r we just leave away
>     leisure=* where it does not fit and just use building=* + sport=* ?
> IMHO we should suggest both, building=sports_hall for any sports hall 
> building and leisure=sports_hall if it is also used as a sports hall.
> I'm unsure about indoor pitches, but would tend to require an indoor 
> specific key.
>     Can we write in the wiki that building=* is sufficient as a
>     physical tag for sport=* and that leisure=sports_centre should
>     only be used if the building is really a sports centre in the real
>     world? More or less like that. This would make more sense to me
>     than the current examples which will lead people to tag buildings
>     as sports centres even if they are just normal sports halls,
>     riding halls, etc. What for? Why should we recommend that?
> I agree with restricting the usage of leisure=sports_centre to sports 
> centres. I would also acclaim a restriction of leisure=pitch to 
> pitches. There seem to be recommendations to tag table tennis tables 
> as pitches, and someone proposed this even for tables where you can 
> play chess. IMHO it would be clearer to write explicitly in the wiki: 
> "use leisure=pitch for sports fields" or something along these lines.

I think of table tennis as a sport, so see no reason why the playing 
area for table tennis should not be tagged as a pitch in OSM.

Chess? Not certain if that can be classified as a 'sport' ... certainly 
a game of skill. Should there be another OSM key for games of skill?
Looking through th eOSM list of sports ... Yoga? As a sport .. think 
that is much less of a 'sport' then chess. So I think chess should 
remain as a sport.
If there is a need to have another key then there needs to be one for 
things like yoga - 'key:exercise'?
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