[Tagging] How to tag sports halls?

Tom Pfeifer t.pfeifer at computer.org
Wed Feb 7 22:37:09 UTC 2018

On 07.02.2018 23:20, Hufkratzer wrote:
> 7.2.2018 19:04,  Tom Pfeifer wrote:
>> Back to the original questions, I have a severe problem with leisure=pitch for the sports hall, it 
>> might also have pitches inside, indoor=yes. For that, leisure=sports_centre is only slightly 
>> better, in particular if the hall is part of a campus that is the real sports centre.
>> Thus I am inclined to follow Martin's proposal of leisure=sports_hall.

> The German wiki page for amenity=school explains (different from the English page), that sports 
> halls with only one pitch shall be tagged with leisure=pitch and sports halls with more than one 
> pitch with leisure=sports_centre. Before Oct. 2017 it was also described like that on the wiki page 
> for pitch. But probably leisure=sports_hall is better. Here are some of the current database entries 
> with leisure=sports_hall:

222 says taginfo. There is also a proposal from 2013
I am inclined to document that as in use.

> Is the building=* tag optional if leisure=sports_hall is present? It looks like that.

No, I would consider that bad tagging. Somebody rendering the 3D shape of a town is not interested 
in the leisure tag.

Building describes the building typology, leisure the usage. So, if a church is converted for a 
sports_hall, it is still building=church.


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