[Tagging] Heat distribution networks for district heating

François Lacombe fl.infosreseaux at gmail.com
Fri Feb 9 09:14:22 UTC 2018

2018-02-09 10:03 GMT+01:00 Pieter Vander Vennet <pietervdvn at gmail.com>:

> It seems that it is pretty clear what the tagging should be for those
> networks (man_made=pipeline + substance=water + usage=heat_transfer) - so
> lets not change that.

substance=water use to be used on raw water transmission, not for district
heating networks.
That's why substance=hot_water (despite it may be not the best term) is
here to distinguish 2 really different product going down pipelines
usage=transmission is already widely used too.

> (There was a minor issue that François had on how to map the nominal power
> exchange, but I'll send a different mail for that, so that the mails stay
> on-topic).
> I was however missing a page describing how to map those heat networks (my
> wiki searches didn't turn op anything), so that indicates a problem on the
> documentation side - and that is why I added the new wiki page. This is the
> first wiki/tagging page that I ever made; so I don't really know if I'm
> doing it "the right way".
> About the wiki page: I don't think it should go through the proposals; as
> there are no new tags proposed; but it rather serves a specific "how to
> tag"-manual. So IMHO, it can stay where it is (correct me if I'm wrong).

No problem with this, let's write and we'll organize it later

I'd add that phone and email are related to operator=* value and shouldn't
be added directly to features.
The Company name is enough (phone and email can be found in wikidata

All the best

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