[Tagging] AutoEdit rename roof:slope:direction to roof:direction

marc marc marc_marc_irc at hotmail.com
Sun Feb 11 10:44:04 UTC 2018


Le 11. 02. 18 à 11:09, Tobias Knerr a écrit :
> On 10.02.2018 17:55, User Rebo wrote:
>> Update: Since now I have 4 positive responses (via OSM messages or
>> forum). And no objections.
>> Can start renaming?
> I think the consensus is sufficiently clear to proceed.
> Also keep in mind that the code of conduct recommends the following:
> "Execute only a small number of edits with a new bot before requesting
> and waiting for feedback before proceeding with larger edits."

I'll do it tonight, with a poc as you wish. tools used : overpass+josm


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