[Tagging] Proposed features - RFC 2 - Pressurized waterways

François Lacombe fl.infosreseaux at gmail.com
Wed Feb 14 11:06:18 UTC 2018

Hi all,

2018-02-14 1:25 GMT+01:00 Warin <61sundowner at gmail.com>:

> On 14-Feb-18 11:05 AM, marc marc wrote:
>> Le 14. 02. 18 à 00:51, Warin a écrit :
>>> OSM unfortunately 'maps what is there' .. not "hardware"/"use".
>> a water flow is there -> waterway=* (the same logic as for highway=*)
>> we already map "hardware" for road (surface) for building
>> (building:material). did we need to delete those ?
> No 'we' did not delete them .. but they are secondary tags.. 'we' map the
> road/building first then things like colour, surface, hight, elevation etc
> etc.
> The 'primary' thing 'we' tag is what is there ..

Primary/secondary depends on who uses the tags, not on the tags themselves.
Your primary tags may be my own secondaries.
The proposal doesn't set some tags as primary and others as secondary, we
just try to associate concepts.

waterway isn't more important than man_made=pipeline or tunnel, it's just
two separate things on the same geometry.

> When there is a pipe .. I map a pipe.

When it's a tunnel, I map a tunnel.
This is more likely called a tunnel than a pipeline don't you ?

> I may not know what is inside the pipe.
> I may not know what the function of the pipe is.
> But I map the pipe.

Question asked during RFC and voting isn't to know if you're able to know
everything but if you understand the taggind and find it consistent.
If you're not knowledgable about part of the mapping, someone else will
complete and that's a collective success.

> 1) a tunnel is not a pipeline !
> Some are. Some are constructed to be used to transport water.

First of all, pipeline are designed for pipe flow regime with a positive
static pressure (I don't mean all pipe flow regime waterways are pipeline).
Every tunnel carrying water with air inside can't be called a pipeline.
On my diagram, water goes down the tunnel in free flowing, then it's not a

> 2) not having a waterway=* is bad beaucase it break the continuity of
>> the water network.
>> By analogy, when a trunk go into a tunnel,
>> we don't replace highway=trunk by tunnel=trunk
>> but we keep a continuity of highway=* network by having on tag
>> for "road network" and another tag for the tunnel it-self.
> Tagging for navigation? Or water flow? Is this not a render issue?

Tagging for both, not for render.

> A pipeline carrying water is now to be re-tagged as a waterway? Because
> the 'waterway network' cannot tolerate it?

If it's an actual pipeline regarding what was mentionned above,
man_made=pipeline stays and we just add waterway on it
If not, waterway network is inded incomplete, just like if we don't add
highway=* key on a tunnel because tunnel suggest there is a road inside.

> I think man_made=pipeline is a valid truthful tag. I have used it for
> hydro power water supply. And will continue to do so.

Yes it does, I don't mean to replace it.
I just propose to add waterway=* values because it's as truthful than
container (pipeline or tunnel or whatever)

2018-02-14 11:30 GMT+01:00 Martin Koppenhoefer <dieterdreist at gmail.com>:
>I think it should be a property like pressurised=yes/no

Given problem isn't regarding pressurised in particular but to add
meaningful waterway values on every feature carrying large amount of water.

All the best

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