[Tagging] delivery key

Martin Koppenhoefer dieterdreist at gmail.com
Fri Feb 16 12:23:58 UTC 2018

the definition page for the delivery key mentions some rarely or even
unused subkeys:


These are delivery:partner and delivery:minimum. Why I agree that both are
properties that might be useful, there are issues:

delivery:partner, no proposal and used 24 times, has a multivalue problem,
and should IMHO switch to something like delivery:deliveroo=yes


delivery:minimum is not explicit on the units (is delivery:minimum=10 about
a currency? Is it about a quantity?) and there is not even a single
instance of it in taginfo as of now. There isn't a proposal either. Maybe
the tag name can be improved?

As both aren't established I have moved them to the talk page.

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