[Tagging] Cycling "service area"

Volker Schmidt voschix at gmail.com
Sun Feb 18 13:44:51 UTC 2018

Taking a step back:
what's the difference between a service area on a road that is tagged with
highway=services and one that is tagged amenity=fuel (with the
corresponding additional tagging for food, ATM, ... ?
Is the difference only the number of carriageways? single carriageway >
amenity=fuel; dual carriageway > highway=services?
And let's look at this: https://witoor.com/bicigrill/ (not yet on the map)
This is on a long-distance foot-cycle route: it has a service station to
repair your bike, same spare parts, it has seating area (to eat your own
food), a restaurant, toilets, maybe showers (I don't  know). It may have a
charging facility for e-bikes (don't know), a facility that I am sure, will
be more widespread in the future.
This place is to all effects highway=services for bicycles (and hikers).
Yes, there are most likely also equivalent facilities for boats.
And I am sure that there are places for several categories at the same time.
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