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But not for its original purpose, as it is in this cae

in the original “purpose”, yes. A historic=memorial is and likely ever
was a memorial. An archaeological site was something else in the past,
but it wasn’t called archaeological site at that time. The history tag
in OSM is what it currently is, not what it was.

That bald statement doesn't capture the subtleties of repurposed things. It
does not handle the case, for instance, of a building that is historically
signficant (and listed) for being the first district school in the area,
later was a meeting hall reenported to have be a meeting place of the
rebels in the Helderberg War, and is now the office of a security company.
Schools in the time it was built looked very much like private houses,
although the brickwork has a cornerstone bearing the date it was laid
(uncommon in private houses here), and the door lintel says 'District
School No. 4' [1] (but is obscured by a portico that was added later).

What it is now is building=office, and it doesn't look much different from
neighbouring small offices (which aped its style - and the building in
question has been remodeled so many times that it's now inauthentic for any
single period). Still, there's an explanatory marker out front and a little
display of old artifacts in the entryway, and it's on the National Register
of Historic Places. Simply saying, "what it is now is a building=office',
while true, loses information.

[1] yes, the number is '4' - '1', '2', and '3', while planned earlier, were
actually constructed later.
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