[Tagging] Shops that sell printer ink cartridges

Thilo Haug OSM thaug at gmx.de
Sat Feb 24 11:39:49 UTC 2018

I didn't get the point of this comment,
do you got an example ?

Am 24.02.2018 um 00:51 schrieb marc marc:
> Listing all possible values in shop=* means that each tool
> must provide a sorting by category if it wants to organize
> the data and make life harder for the majority of shop that
> have more than one product..
> a schema like shop=first_level + first_level=second_level etc.,
> avoiding the need for each application to do so.
"I am against turning OSM into a shop inventory or an ontology of all
products on the planet. I agree with Frederik below and his
shop=printer_ink favourite." :

I didn't want to propose to list all products (or even variants of them)
of a shop=supermarket, shop=doityourself or shop=electronics,
just to give a possibility to mention another "main shop" is also
providing this "service" (or product) of a "specialised" one
(In OSM usually done by a namespace, example : social_facility).
I think the number of shops that are specialised in only one
product/service is much lower than that of shops providing several.
Example : shop=seafood (may be sold by a variety of other shops).

So IMHO the goal of this discussion is to find those attributes (or
services) which apply to several shops and are of general interest.

In the "seafood" example it's the question whether this needs to be
split up in types of seafood or not, but time will show if people feel
the need.
But this might be solved by simply offering seafood:type=* (not to make
a subtag for every type).
In non-food cases, there will mainly be the offer of selling, renting,
repairing and (spare) parts,
so this could be used for a "general" scheme.

In the printer example, it is obvious that there might be more than ink
which could be interesting,
there's even the tag amenity=printer (doesn't make sense to me).

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