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> 2018-02-27 11:37 GMT+01:00 Fredrik <lists at 0v.no>:
>> With craft=printer you mean a print shop? Posters, books, etc.
> no, craft is about a profession, so this is about the workplace of someone
> who has learnt printing as a profession

There are two possibilities for a printer (as in typographic presses and
the people who run them).

One possibility is office=printer.  The wiki says that office is a place of
business where administrative or professional
work is carried out.  It sells services not goods (some printers may also
sell stationery supplies or pre-printed items
but that's a sideline) so it's office rather than shop.  And office fits a
lot better than craft or amenity.  Taginfo says
office=printer has been used 8 times (I'm responsible for one of them).

Another possibility is building=industrial.  Most jobbing printers have
large, noisy machinery.

Both may apply to the same building.  Most jobbing printers have some sort
of office where they deal with customers
and a lot of machinery.

Disclaimer: my father was a printer.  He was a LaserJet IV.

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