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On 01/07/18 23:11, Martin Koppenhoefer wrote:
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>>     then I would suggest to add a subtag about the context and not
>>     hope for implicit context. They will look / work different than
>>     shoe decontamination in different context.
>> Can only speak for the decon stations in the National Parks in our 
>> Hinterland area, but they are a combination of brushes & liquid 
>> disinfectant / fungicide / something or other!
> yes, I meant different context (and kind) for “shoe decontamination” 
> should be distinguishable from the tags, different like:
> https://media.defense.gov/2010/Dec/17/2000297934/-1/-1/0/101217-F-4408M-018.JPG
> military (mostly not mappable anyway because mobile and classified?)
> http://www.site-showers.com/wp/wp-content/gallery/bootwash/bootwash_2-600x873.png
> (this looks like forest / habitat protection)

Both the above are portable - so temporary and therefore not mappable in 
OSM.  However for testing purposes?

Both are targeted at workers .. footwear=occupational?

As for the function? No idea what the military are targeting there, the 
forestry probably decontamination=pathogen.

I'd use the rule .. "if you don't know .. don't add tags that say 
anything that you don't know".

So just add the tag man_made=footwear_decontamination .. and nothing else.

> https://www.reinraum.de/uploads/images/_scale/mattefuabdruck_626x457.jpg
> (sticky mat indoor)

footwear= ... humm yes? As a general everything tag 'yes' suits?
decontamination=sticky_mat ? Sticky mats only remove surface 
contamination - things that could have fallen off. They don't do pathogens.
And they need frequent replacement. I have bought such things in my 
work. But I would not map them.

The ones for hikers usually have a sign saying why they are there 
(pathogens in most cases) and how to use them.

phytophthora, myrtle rust 
<https://www.npsr.qld.gov.au/managing/myrtle-rust/> and amphibian 
chytrid fungus

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