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Wed Jul 4 23:08:32 UTC 2018

On 05/07/18 08:59, Jmapb wrote:
> On 7/4/2018 4:29 PM, Paul Allen wrote:
>> Seems OK to me.  They're selling after-life insurance.  Pay your 
>> tithe or put money on the collection plate and you
>> go to heaven.  And there's a money-back guarantee: if you don't go to 
>> heaven, or there's no afterlife at all, simply
>> return and make a complaint and they'll give you your money back.  
>> They've never had to pay up under that
>> guarantee in the thousands of years they've been operating.  That 
>> shows how good they are.
> So, access=saps?
> This reminds me of something I've been meaning to ask the list... I've 
> got a lot of psychics in the area. I've been tagging them shop=psychic 
> because that's what the signs say, but I don't really feel OSM ought 
> to be endorsing unverifiable claims of supernatural power. 
> shop=charlatan seems a little judgemental. So I was considering 
> changing them to shop=fortune_teller. I think this will cover 
> psychics, palmists, tea-leafists, tarot readers, etc. What do people 
> think?

Shops sell physical objects e.g. bread, vegetables, paper.

These .. people .. don't sell physical objects .. so they are not a 
shop. There are, at best, an office.

office=charlatan would cover far too many 'services' e.g. politicians, 
financial advisors, etc...
I think the term 'fortune_teller' would also fail to be specific 
enough.. possibly a sub tag is needed?
fortune_teller=financial/general/love ?
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