[Tagging] Golf wiki page

Warin 61sundowner at gmail.com
Sat Jul 14 03:43:55 UTC 2018


I have just come across a new mapper trying to map a golf course.
Fine, but they can do with some guidance.
Looking around for such guidance I came across this wiki page,

Looks to me .. well not the best.
The idea that the level tag should be used in that way .. umm as a how to ? Err I'd vote no.
Remember this is for new people too.

The idea that the height of the grass should be tagged in that way ?? Again .. no.

The page does not link to the golf wiki pages.

I think it can do with a major rewrite, or
should I just make a new page ? HOWTO_map_a_golf_course_v2 ?? :)
Once done and people make their comments/changes then the original page can have a redirection to the newer page?
I think a new page would probably be better as a fresh approach can be had.


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