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While page is not the best... you seem to misunderstand part of it.
The "level" reference doesn't have anything to do the level tag. Or any tag at all. It's just saying there are 3 levels of detail at which a golf course can be mapped.

In which case a different word can be used .. like 'order'. 
I didn’t write the page. I’m just saying you misinterpreted the use of the word “level”. The term “level of detail” is pretty common and means exactly what whoever authored that page is talking about.

As for the "How short is the grass" section, while maybe not expressed in the best way, that looks generally correct to me.

Why not use height? already exists and is understandable by all. 

golf=green or golf=tee_area has the shortest grass
nobody seems to map golf=fringe or golf=apron, so these should probably go
golf=fairway is slightly longer than the green, but still well maintained
golf=mown is hardly used, can probably go
golf=rough is the longer grass outside the fairway, it generally is still mowed, but noticeable longer
natural=scrub is for areas that are generally not longer mowed, so you get very long grass, some shrubs, ...
natural=wood, well, there are trees here
landuse=forest has no meaningful difference to natural=wood in this context and can go.
Generally speaking, you have areas for green, tee and fairway (green and tee are NOT inside the fairway), surrounded by rough, surrounded by scrub and/or wood.

Grooming is used for piste and may possibly be applied here.
Comment: not all golf courses have grass...  
where "greens are black and the fairways are white"
So height of the grass cannot be used everywhere. 
Again, it’s not really about the “height of the grass”. Nobody cares about recording the “height of grass”. 
You have different areas with different meanings. Green and tee area. Fairway. Rough. (And yes, others, like bunkers [usually sand], and [usually water] hazards.) It’s just that for the probably 99% of golf courses that use grass, there is a direct correlation between these areas and the length of the grass. 
So for non-golfers (which includes me) the description of “If it’s very short and well maintained, it’s going to be a green or tee. If It’s slightly longer but still clearly mowed and maintained often, it’s a fairway. If it’s growing even longer, but still maintained grass, it’s rough. (And everything else is likely out of bounds)” Is probably easiest to understand.
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