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On 16/07/18 08:32, Graeme Fitzpatrick wrote:
> Watching this with interest as, just the other day, while on holidays, 
> I was looking at a golf club that is apparently built within the 
> boundaries of a designated State Forest, intended for logging 
> purposes, so it /is/ landuse=forest as far as OSM is concerned, but it 
> is also leisure=golf_course!
> Makes as interesting one, as in this case, mapping correctly shows the 
> wrong rendered result, as it shows that this area is covered by trees, 
> when it is in fact a golf club, with normal tees, fairways, greens etc.
> I have no idea as to the legal ownership of the ground - it is quite 
> possible that the ground is still Govt owned, designated as State 
> Forest, but leased to the Golf Club on an on-going basis, but with the 
> possibility that, one day, the Govt could take it back & plant pine 
> trees across the area.(Which may sound far-fetched, but is perfectly 
> possible, although unlikely)
Yes. there is a mountain bike club using forestry land that I came 
across too .. mumm .. I'd change the golf cub area to golf club as that 
is what is on the ground .. but add a tag ownership=forestry commission 
? I have left the MTB thing alone .. nothing very visible.

> But, going back to golf courses, how do you number the fairways? "1" 
> or "1st"?; & marked on the tee / fairway / green / all 3 / don't?

Looks to me like it is marked on the 'hole' .. 'golf=hole' is for the 
way between tee off to green pin ...
as suggested on 
https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/Tag:leisure%3Dgolf_course .
That wiki page looks to have the best descriptions to me.

I think some tees and greens are used for multiple different holes so 
use the hole for the name etc is best in that situation.

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