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On 17 July 2018 at 08:46, Warin <61sundowner at gmail.com> wrote:

> I think the area cannot be used for logging.

 No, I agree that it can't be used for logging at the moment, & seeing that
the Club has been there for 40+ years, it is extremely unlikely to be
returned to a logging area in the future! :-) (Although there is nothing
stopping the Forestry Commission from cancelling their lease & replanting
the area :-()

There is a saw mill in the Tumut NSW Australia area (Batlow IIRC?) operated
> by the Forestry Commission, designated as a state forest .. yet it is
> correctly tagged as land use industrial in OSM. I would think the same
> applies to the golf course

Do you know if it's mapped as a multipolygon, as Paul suggested?

> it could be out of date, what ever the case what is on the ground should
> override any other source of information.

It could well be, however one of the notes for changes to the SF boundary
from earlier this year says "using Protected areas of Queensland -
boundaries - gazetted to 27 April 2018.", so it would appear that the
official boundary is still correct. Wouldn't that mean that if I just
changed the SF boundary now by pushing it back behind the Club, the next
time somebody does a Protected Areas of Qld update, it would move the
boundary back to the official line, returning this area to SF?

> Apparently areas used for logging-related purposes are not to be mapped in
> OSM .. there are no tags available for this land use.
> We simply cannot map them.

Guess we better not go there!
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